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Apple and Mango: A sweet apple and juicy mango, the perfect summer blend

Black Jack: A blackcurrant and liquorice blend, just like the sweets

Black Mare: Blackcurrant, aniseed and menthol mix to entice the tastebuds

Blue Slush: Blue raspberry drink style vape, ideal with an ice shot

Dragons Blood: Dragon fruit and strawberry mix, juicy enough to quench even a dragon

Drummer Boy: Your classic drumstick lolly in a bottle

Gold tobacco: A sweet golden virginia tobacco

Jammy Doughnut: A jam doughnut to make even homer drool

Lemon Drizzle: It’s lemony, it’s cakey it’s a lemon drizzle cake

Lemon Sherbet: It’s lemony, it’s not cakey but it is sherbety

Mr H Berg: Blue Raspberry, aniseed and menthol blend

Peach Cobbler: A peachy flavour with a sweet crumble topping

Pear drops: the classic pear drop sweets

Pink Lemonade:A sweet pink grapefruit and lemonade drink for those hot days

Rainbow: Like taking a bag of skittles and chewing them all at the same time

Red mare: Cherry, aniseed and menthol blend

Red tobacco: An american red tobacco leaf

Refreshers: All the taste of a refresher bar with none of the chewing

Rhubarb and custard: A tangy rhubarb with sweet custard just like the sweets

Star Shot: Opal Fruits or starburst, same taste different name

The Jaffa: Is it a biscuit, is it a cake you decide

Tropical Twist: A mouthwatering blend of tropical fruits

Vimmy: Vimto in an e-liquid form

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vnb simples flavours

Apple and mango, Black jack, Black Mare, Blue Slush, Dragons Blood, Drummer Boy, Gold Tobacco, Jammy Doughnut, Juicy blue razz, Lemon Drizzle, Lemon Sherbert, Mr H Berg, Peach Cobbler, Pear Drops, Pineapple chunks, Pink Lemonade, Rainbow, Red Mare, Red Tobacco, Refresher, Rhubarb and Custard, Sour nerds, Star Shot, Strawberry chew, The Jaffa, Tropical Twist, Vimmy, Watermelon


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